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Medium Size Dishmachines


American Dishwasher – AF3DS

Wash your dishes quickly and easily with the American Dish Service (AF-3D-S) – 37 Rack/Hr Door-Type Dishwasher. Each rack only takes 90 seconds to clean and the spray arms are easy to use. A great choice for those who don’t want to stoop to load undercounter washers.

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American Dishwasher – AFC3DS

The American Dish Service (AFC-3D-S) – 37 Rack/Hr Door-Type Dishwasher is the perfect addition to a kitchen cleanup area with little room. The unit fits into a corner and its upright, self-standing design ensures that your kitchen will not need to be modified to make room. This dishwasher saves you time as well as space, too. Its 90 second wash cycle ensures that your dishes get clean and ready to use again in a snap.

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American Dishwasher – HT25wB13

Have very little staff or very little time for cleaning? Then this automated dishwasher is just what you need. The American Dish Service (HT-25) – 72 Rack/Hr Door-Type Dishwasher ensures high temperatures for quality sanitation and can be converted to chemical sanitation if needed. The slim, upright, free-standing design makes it easy to fit into most cleaning stations without expensive renovations or the clearing of other important items.

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