Under-Counter Dishmachines



American Dishwasher – ETGlass

Make glassware washing fast and effortless with the American Dish Service ETGlass Glasswasher. This washer is specifically designed to wash glassware and stemware safely. Quicker, safer washes means that you can buy less stemware and glassware.

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Jet-Tech – F-18DP

High-temperature dishwasher with 24 racks/hour capacity. Fully automatic program with wash phase at 150 F and final rinse phase at 185 F. To make your dishes shine, the Jet-Tech F-18DP features a built-in detergent pump and rinse-additive, stainless steel wash and rinse arms, sanitary labyrinth door that eliminates the need for a gasket, and a built-in booster for superior performance.

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