Large Volume

Large Volume Dishmachines


American Dishwasher – 5AGS

Double Duty Model designed to multiply your dishwashing capability. Features 20 1/2″ door opening, air-gap fill, dual screening. Washes 74 racks per hour with two powerful 1 1/2 HP Pumps.

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American Dishwasher – 5CD

Top mount control cabinet complete with automatic chemical systems always ensures consistent use of chemicals which provide sparkling results.

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American Dishwasher – ADC44

The American Dish Service (ADC-44-L) – 244 Rack/Hr Conveyor Dishwasher is a timesaver that is a must in any kitchen. Simple load it with dishes, then the washer cleans them and deposits them on the other side of the conveyer belt. This model is a low temperature design, which can save money on utility costs. It also features safety items that keep the motor and heater from burning up in case of jams or low water. This will also save you money on costly repair bills.

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